DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 help and info

  • What is DuckDuckGo for Windows 10?

    DuckDuckGo is a search engine application that allows users to surf and search the web on their Windows 10 desktop and laptop computers. For those looking for increased security when searching the web, DuckDuckGo also promises not to track your searches and save your history.

  • Is DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 free?

    Yes, DuckDuckGo is free to download and use. It does not require a one-time payment, nor does it feature in-app purchases to unlock additional features. Furthermore, it doesn't feature targeted advertisements, which are generally considered to be another form of payment.

  • Is DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 safe?

    Yes, DuckDuckGo is safe to download and install. It does not contain malware or viruses that could compromise your system. Additionally, it does not track your usage, unlike other popular search engines and search engine applications. This means your private and personal data is safe from falling into the wrong hands.

  • What platforms is DuckDuckGo available on?

    In addition to the app designed for Windows 10, the DuckDuckGo application can be found on many other operating systems. Furthermore, it can be accessed on any browser or mobile device by simply visiting the official website

  • Does DuckDuckGo work on both mobile and desktop devices?

    While DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 will only work on desktops and laptops running Windows, the search engine is also available on a number of other desktop and mobile devices. Even without an official app, searching can be done by visiting the DuckDuckGo website.

  • How does DuckDuckGo compare to Google?

    Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo does not track your activity or browsing history. It also does not contain ads, since search engine ads are determined by your search history. Finally, DuckDuckGo does not track your IP, unlike Google.

  • Does DuckDuckGo save your search data?

    No, DuckDuckGo does not save your search history or track your activity. It aims to provide the most accurate search results based on your search query, not based on your previous searches and personal information.

  • How often is DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 updated?

    DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 is updated as necessary. In addition to bug fixes, updates include changes to the user interface in order to improve searching and reduce clutter.

  • Where is DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 installed?

    DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 is installed on your computer’s hard drive in a location you choose when following the setup process. It can be found in the list of current applications and can be made into a shortcut on your desktop or pinned to your taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

  • Does DuckDuckGo contain ads?

    No, DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 does not contain ads. Unlike other search engines that use targeted advertising, DuckDuckGo does not and doesn’t have the means to. Most search engines use search history and activity to determine the most relevant ads for any given user. Because this information isn’t saved by DuckDuckGo, they don’t have the information necessary to advertise to a specific user.

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